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Hi, I'm Ben Mauer a.k.a. Telephag. Welcome to ::: b, a site designed to showcase some of my recent work in Web, print, and identity design to prospective clients and employers.

I have five years of professional design experience, as well as a deep knowledge and curiosity for the essence of design. I'm a jack of all trades, blending a breadth of skills and knowledge into one neat, compact, 5'7" package. My interests include graphic design, interface design, web design, information architecture, book arts, comix, minimalist animation, mathematical topology, haiku, and electronics.

::: b was made with an eye for detail, user feedback, and structural simplicity and elegance. Images were created in a variety of programs, eventually making their way to ImageReady for output. I hand-coded all the HTML, then programmed the site for SSI (a module in the Apache server platform). The result is a site that provides user feedback, downloads quickly, and downgrades well.



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